Controlling Group

Bonsucex Group started its activities in 1982, through an investment holding company, focused on the acquisition of equity interests in companies with publicly traded and privately held shares, prominently in the national and international scene. + read more

Manganese Ore

Buritirama's Manganese ore is a high Mn content ("high grade"), low phosphorus (P) and Mn / Fe (reference 15). It serves, among other applications, in the areas of batteries, solders, micronutrients, animal feed and products of superior quality metallurgical sector. + read more


The Environmental Politics of Buritirama Mining Co. is based on the philosophy of sustainable development, which includes compliance with environmental regulations, continuous improvement of its environmental performance and pollution prevention. + read more


The Buritirama Mining is constantly evolving and looking for new levels of excellence. This is reflected in Certifications and Awards recognition in various markets ... + read more


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